Human health is unattainable on a planet that remains sick

Craig Chalquist - Ecopsychologist
How human health is impacted by the health of the planet has always been a concern to me. This is why I am offering you my services as an environmental health coach today..

Throughout my professional and personal career, I have developed a holistic vision of health, based on ecology and meaning, with a perspective of individual and global harmony.


During my time as a university student studying science, I navigated between learning about the infinitely small and the infinitely large. These concepts were present in the various subjects I was taught, and they made me realize that humanity is a part of something that is beyond us..

Further, the lessons and expedition stories of my botany teacher led me to develop an appreciation for the beauty of the planet, all living beings, and the interconnections that play out here on earth.

As the Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels once said, “When you love something, you want to take care of it. Once you get home, you have a responsibility to share this idea with people”.

This is what I have been doing for over 15 years. Through my commitment toeducation in ecology and sustainable development,I never cease sharing the wonders of the world with others.

The ikigaï

This unwavering connection with nature was my first source of purpose in life, otherwise known as my ikigaï.

The concept of ikigaï is what inspired me to explore and measure the impact of purpose and alignment on personal growth.

So I began to consider ecology in its individual dimension. I grew curious about what makes people lead more or less happy lives. I found the answer by studying positive psychology and the components of ikigai.

This is how I became a coach for students and young adults in their quests for meaning and a future that positively impacts society and the planet..

That is why I wished to become a trained ikigaï coach and center my practice around this traditional Japanese life philosophy.


Research in positive psychology has confirmed my belief that the search for meaning is central to human health and well-being..

In turn, human health is also a gateway to adopting positive behaviors for the planet.

This virtuous circle led me to pursue a university degree in environmental health.

Today, it is this holistic vision that inspires my coaching. I draw from neuroscience and epigenetics, new scientific elements that develop my understanding of the effects of psychosocial environments on health..

C’est en prenant conscience de cette dimension de la santé que j’ai réussi à me libérer des douleurs de dos qui étaient attribuées à une discopathie dégénérative, diagnostiquée il y a plusieurs années. J’ai découvert que les recherches dans le domaine de la plasticité cérébrale et de l'épigénétique étaient au cœur de ce changement. J’ai entrepris de me former spécifiquement au coaching de santé et à l'accompagnement des femmes souffrant de douleurs chroniques. Je suis aujourd’hui spécialisée dans the body-stress relationship..

From this perspective, meaning and pleasure play a fundamental role in one’s health. They are amazing drivers of change that are imperative for moving you towards a new version of yourself that is healthy, positive, responsible and aligned..

Environmental Health Coach
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