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Free yourself from stress and chronic symptoms with a new approach

I am Julie Bach, an environmental health coach.

Like you, I am a very busy mother who doesn't have a minute to herself between children, family life, and entrepreneurial life ... in short, the famous mental load!

This stressful and exhausting pace of life has a massive impact on physical and mental health. For me, it was the cause of disabling back problems, to which no treatment provided a lasting answer.

After years of hardship, not being able to play sports, endure a car trip, sit at my desk, or even carry shopping bags, I have managed to free myself from these chronic crises and pains.

I regained mobility and serenity by working on the link between stress, emotions, and the body.

Now it is your turn to take this liberating path back to wellness.

No matter how long you've been in pain, no matter how severe your pain is, you can do it.

First French coach, trained in the SIRPA ™ method and Ikigaï Tribe certified, I will support you in this reconquest.
my approach

To find your freedom of movement, your well-being, and develop a positive vision of your future?

To better manage your stress, and even make it an ally?

To feel good about your life and stop feeling guilty about taking time for yourself?

I'm here for you

I help overworked women and moms who suffer from chronic pain and symptoms take care of themselves and their health, regaining serenity and re-instilling meaning into their lives.

For this, I work according to the principles of health coaching from a multidisciplinary approach, combining science (neuroscience, positive and epigenetic psychology) and philosophy (ikigaï).

To learn more about this innovative approach, take advantage of a free 20-minute telephone consultation.
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What is environmental health?

According to the definition formulated by the WHO in 1994, environmental health includes aspects of human health, including the quality of life, which are determined by the physical, chemical, biological, social, psychosocial and aesthetic factors of our environment.

As a health coach, trained in positive psychology and environmental health, I look at the facets of behavior changes and how they are linked to psychosocial factors and lifestyles impacting health.

The list of symptoms that can be related to the stress of an active woman's life and a devoted mother's life is almost endless:

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, panic attacks, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, back pain, shoulder pain, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colitis, migraine, hernia, sciatica, ulcer, chronic fatigue, allergies, acne 'adults, eczema, warts, restless legs, palpitations, pelvic pain, recurrent cystitis, ...

90% des maladies seraient induites par le stress et par conséquent, par notre environnement.

Par environnement, on entend aussi bien l'environnement physique et chimique que l'environnement psychosocial, c'est-à-dire nos comportements, nos croyances, nos pensées, nos perceptions, nos émotions.

Comment vous libérer de vos douleurs ?

Work with me

À travers mon coaching santé, nous allons dessiner votre future vie, libérée de vos douleurs et symptômes chroniques. 

I will teach you innovative strategies that will allow you to independently manage your symptoms or your issues. et douleurs. Vous serez à même de comprendre ce qui se passe
dans votre corps lorsque vous êtes stressée.

Nous ferons ainsi un travail en profondeur sur les causes de votre stress, et notamment sur la gestion de vos émotions, le sens et l’harmonie que vous voulez insuffler à votre vie dans une démarche complémentaire
through an approach that is complementary to conventional medical methods.
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Step 1

To better understand the link between brain and pain, download the free ebook “Take Back Control of Your Back with Neuroscience”

Step 2

Book a free consultation
Let's talk by phone about your situation
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Step 3

Coaching starts according to the terms that we define together. In video or
in person on request.

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My training and certifications

Julie Bach est coach ikigaï certifiée
Le coaching santé est une méthode d'accompagnement visant à favoriser l'autonomie de la personne dans la prise en charge de sa problématique de santé (maladie chronique, stress). Le coach santé ne se substitue pas au médecin. Il vient en complément des traitements prescrits et peut travailler de concert avec le médecin pour accompagner la personne dans l'adoption de nouveaux comportements bénéfiques à sa santé.
Environmental Health Coach
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